Thursday, August 5, 2010

List of Holidays

List of Holidays:
DSE will observe the following Holidays during the Calender year January to December 2010 :

Shaheed Day
21 February, Sunday
Eid -e -Miladun Nobi (*)
27 February, Saturday
Birthday of father of the Nation
17 March, Wednesday
Independence and National Day
26 March, Friday
Bengali New Year
14 April, Wednesday
May Day
01 May, Saturday
Budha Purnima (*)
27 May, Thursday
Exchange Holiday
01 July, Thursday
Shab -e -Barat (*)
28 July, Wednesday
15 August, Sunday
National Mourning Day
15 August, Sunday
Shab -e -Qadr (*)
07 September, Tuesday
Jumat -ul -Bida (*)
10 September, Friday
Eid -ul -Fitr (*)
10 - 12 September, Friday-Sunday
Durga Puja
17 October, Sunday
Eid -ul -Azha (*)
16 - 18 November, Tuesday-Thursday
Victory Day
16 December, Thursday
17 December, Friday
X - Mas Day
25 December, Saturday
Exchange Holiday
31 December, Friday
* Subject to moon sightings

Trading Sessions:

TESA conducts trading in-4-phases.

Enquiry: In this session Brokers can log on to the system. No order will be submitted in this session. No trade will be executed. Only previous orders can be withdrew in this session
Opening: The Opening is a pure, single-price auction. All buy and all sell orders are compared and calculate the open-adjust price. No trades will be executed in this session
Continuous Trading: During this phase, participants enter orders and immediate execution or for inclusion in the book. Automatic matching and execution takes place based on best price/ first in, first out trading rules
Enquiry: Closing prices are calculated and disseminated to market participant. Market will be closed in this session & other facilities like the previous enquiry session.
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